Take Heart: Finding Celebration No Matter What

A virtual Valentine's event for anyone who is divorced, bereaved, broken up, feeling blue, or simply needs an added dose of self-love. 

Why you want to spend Valentine's with us:

  • This is a warm, friendly group of people and you will love being in a community. 
  • We'll share some conversation and simple tips for bringing more light into your life .
  • You'll have a safe space to explore some of the ways you can celebrate who you are and the life you have. 
  • You don't have to wear stockings, wash your hair, or put on make-up — unless you want to + it is fun.
  • We will not be selling you anything. Nope, nothing at all. This is purely a gift for all of us to spend time together. 
  • You will meet some wonderful new friends/resources. 
  • You don't have to share your heart-shaped cookies or chocolate with us. 
  • You'll learn what the heck a Love List Selfie is and why it is so important!

Come as you are!

Our mini-class will be held on 2/14/18 at 5pm PT/8pm ET, on Zoom, which is a video platform. You'll be able to see all the workshop leaders. You can choose whether to log in on your computer and share your video with us (so we can see you) or simply choose audio so we can hear, but not see you. You can also dial in on the phone, if that best suits you. 

Whatever makes you most comfortable!

This Valentine's Mini-Class is brought to you by Sherry Richert Belul of Simply Celebrate. Special workshop guests include: Angie DeMuro, Allison Naish, Kate Galt, Lara Heacock, Patty Burgess, + Rachel Archelaus